What Quakers Believe

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Quaker Life and Practice

  • The Religious Society of Friends does not have a creed
  • It was founded on the belief in God, in Jesus Christ, and in the Spirit
  • George Fox, the founder of Quakers, shared his revelation that Christ would speak directly to those who seek Him without an intermediary
  • Silent worship is the most important and distinctive part of our religious approach and Dublin Quakers (at Eustace Street) worship and pray together in silence, waiting on God and seeking His will and guidance
  • There is no programme in our Meeting for Worship. Dublin Friends at Eustace Street will often read from a variety of sources to challenge us in how we live our lives both as individuals and as a corporate body. These writings may be from the Bible, Quaker Life and Practice, other Quaker writings e.g. Queries for Serious Consideration and non-Quaker writing
  • Anyone present may be moved by the Spirit to speak  at a Meeting for Worship
  • This simple, spiritual form of worship based on silence requires no priest or clergy to act as mediator between God and those who are worshipping

These are some of the beliefs and practices of Quakers in Dublin at Eustace Street. We are not suggesting it is the only true path to God, simply one that feels right for us.

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Listen to a ‘special Meeting for Worship for radio‘, from Friends Meeting in Ballitore, near Athy, broadcast on RTE Radio 1 on Sunday 30/10/2011.

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