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The purpose of IQFA is to give practical and spiritual help and support to the Christian concerns of Irish Friends. The National Committee meets four times a year – three of these in Dublin and once in Moyallon.

Quakers in Dublin can pass on their concerns and proposed projects through their committee member for consideration by the IQFA.

Recent projects include the following:

  • Financial support for Zimbabwe Food Relief Action – who bought and delivered 81.25 tons of maize meal to 3148 households and to 204 other individuals who have been again stricken by failed harvests. The target area covers 15 villages in 3 wards plus one other village and a community of people with disabilities in Bulawayo
  • Financial support for the provision of a borehole to facilitate a water supply in Tovi village, the Volta Region, Ghana
  • Financial support for Cork Penny Dinners, 4 Little Hanover Street, Cork. This organisation have been providing a nourishing mid-day meal to hungry diners in return for a small coin for many years.

Those who wish to know more or Dublin Friends should contact Siobhain at  for further information on the IQFA.