Integrity, honesty and truthfulness is a value cherished by those of The Religious Society of Friends. The 11th Query for Serious Consideration asks:

Do you fulfil your part as a religious society and as individuals in promoting the cause of Truth and in spreading the message of Christ throughout the world?

  • Dublin Quakers at Eustace Street believe that our outer life should reflect our inner one. We believe that our day to day dealings with others should reflect the life of love Jesus intended us to live.
  • We strive to be truthful at all times. Quakers do not swear on the Bible. We affirm that we will tell the truth as we do so throughout our daily lives.
  • We strive to deal honestly with government authorities and other outward agencies.
  • We place emphasis on treating others with respect and honesty, seeing that of God in everyone.picture with heart - words encircling it are honesty, trust, respect