Other Quaker Meetings

signposting to a Quaker meeting houseIrish Quakers meet at about 23 venues in Ireland. Some meetings are in venerable old Meeting Houses, some in rented accommodation or private houses. Most are weekly, on Sundays, but some small recently formed meetings are held less often. Full information is available on the Quakers in Ireland website.

Groups of local Meetings come together, usually on a county basis, and usually monthly, to give attention to the running of the Society. The business of these Meetings includes the recording of births, deaths and marriages, and the careful records kept in the past are now a valuable genealogical resource. These monthly meetings gather together a few times each year, within the provinces of Leinster, Munster, and Ulster. Once every year, all Friends are invited to the Yearly Meeting, where there will be visitors from Quaker communities in other countries too.

Ireland Yearly Meeting is also the collective name for all the members in Ireland. Ireland Yearly Meeting is autonomous, but is a member of Friends World Committee for Consultation, which seeks to facilitate dialogue between Yearly Meetings throughout the world. Find out more about Quakers worldwide.