Friends on the move – Quaker themed apps and podcasts

Quaker Apps and Podcasts

Most of those who have smartphones are accustomed to using a variety of apps, for uses productive and not so productive. Similarly, the internet offers a vast variety of podcasts on every imaginable theme for easy listening on the go. There are a number of Quaker-themed apps and podcasts available to Friends and anyone curious about Friends – the selection below is by no means exhaustive so if you have any favourites that aren’t included, let us know!


Don’t forget that there are a number of radio broadcasts available for download on our Links page.

Quaker talks from Woodbrooke

Courtesy of Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, these are a selection of talks on a variety of issues relating to Friends. Particularly recommended are the series of talks by Ben Pink Dandelion – “A Very Short Introduction to Quakerism”. Perfect for downloading and listening to in the car or on a long walk!


Leeds Quakers podcasts

Podcasts from our Friends in Leeds


Camas Friends Church

This may be of particular interest to many Irish Friends as Camas Friends are a part of the programmed tradition of Quaker worship – quite different from our unprogrammed tradition. Sermons are made available each week from the meeting’s pastor, Wess Daniels, and other guests.


Earlham College

Earlham College in Indiana has made a number of podcasts relating to Quakerism available.


Quaker Advices and Queries

Available on both Android and iPhone, this app collates a selection of Advices and Queries from Yearly Meetings around the world, representing the full spectrum of Quaker traditions. Items are grouped under a variety of headings, so if you are looking for some inspirational wisdom about prayer, integrity. the environment, or many other topics, then this app is perfect for you!

Quaker App

The testimony of simplicity is evident in the naming of this app! Available for Android devices, this app will display a different quote from the writings of George Fox for every day of the year. Particularly good for those interested in the early history of the Society of Friends, or for anyone seeking spiritual inspiration.

Infinite Quaker Poems

Available for Android, this app offers a variety of poems on Quaker themes.