Join us in planting a white poppy – Saturday, November 19th

Make and plant a white poppy

Merrion Square, Dublin 2. You can reach our marquee by going to the Holles Street end of Merrion Square and going onto Merrion Square East. Half way along this side, there are double gates. You will be able to see our small marquee from there.

Saturday 19th November between 10.00-4.00

We are Quakers. We have a peace testimony which is central to our thinking:
We utterly deny all outward wars and strife
and fighting with outward weapons,
for any end or any pretence whatsoever.
And this is our testimony to the whole world.

This statement was made in 1661 and for us, is as valid now as it was then.

We are inviting you to assist us in making an art installation of white poppies to commemorate every individual who has been killed or injured in military violence.

On Saturday 19th November, we will be asking you to focus on the Easter Rising of 1916 and the battle of the Somme, which ended on 18th November, 1916.

 We ask you to help us by spending a couple of minutes making and planting a white poppy, then thinking about your action.

These white poppies are commemorating the many lives in our grandparents’ generation that were destroyed or ruined in both events.

We plan to read our peace testimony at the beginning and end of this event, with poems and prose in German, French and English read on the hour during the day.

We hope that you will feel moved to be present and that you will encourage others to share in this commemoration.